jam on things

by Martin Martis

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in 'jam on things'
beehive, 2000L water tank, light switch, water tap, scissors, lighter, scrubbing on a wooden surface, zipper pull, zipper, locker on a case, shower hose, drumming on water in the a tub, cow bell, steel construction triangle, kalimba, jaw harp, classical guitar - with only 3 strings.


What Martin Martis music presents to us, is that music is in everything.
‘Jam on things’ presents this directly. The turning on and off of a water tap or a light switch has a sound and can be music. Slapping the surface of water can be music. The elements that make these sounds obviously music is the timing in which they repeat, the rhythm, the cycle. And the infinite story that can be told...

With this full moon release. We complete a yearly cycle of 13 full moons which celebrates both the solstice of the sun as well as a year of full moon releases.

Listening to ‘jam on things’ we follow Martis on a walk around his property as he finds and jams (improvise) on mundane objects with an intriguing sound. Every element is played live in one take. With no looping or adjusting, ‘jam on things’ is simply as the title states, a percussive improvisation on different things. Starting with the bass sound of a large water container, moving to the drum of a beehive, the click of scissors and the ruts of a shower hose.. and so on..

Martins music is about raw expression. Story told through intuition, skill and inspiration.
Over the framework of celestial significants we can explore together the rhythm of life.

FULL MOON realeses

Every full moon Martin Martis publishes new music.
enjoy the ride with new music every months.



released December 22, 2018
recorded in June 19, 2017
W I L D - P R O D C U T I O N

All instruments played by : Martin Martis
Composed by : Martin Martis
Produced and recorded by : Martin Martis at King's hill Studio

© 2017 Martin Martis
℗ 2017 Martin Martis


all rights reserved



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